Red 2020 Ram 1500 Towing a Trailer on a Desert Road

Step-By-Step Instructions to Hook Up a Trailer to Your Ram 1500

How To Hook Up a Trailer to Your Ram 1500 Pickup Truck

Are you new to towing? Is this your first pickup truck or trailer? Hard work is a hallmark of the Ram pickup truck brand at Rodeo CDJR and the 2020 Ram 1500 will tow a herculean 12,750 pounds of cargo when properly equipped. If you are new to towing, this step-by-step guide will help you learn how to hook up a trailer to your Ram 1500 pickup truck. This process will vary based on the type of trailer you own – conventional or gooseneck. Visit the Rodeo CDJR inventory today to find Ram pickup truck that will meet your towing needs in the Queen Creek and San Tan Valley area!

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Step-By-Step Guide to How to Hook Up a Trailer

  1. Chock the Wheels of Your Trailer 
  2. Raise the Trailer Hitch Receiver 
  3. Line Your Ram 1500 Up with Your Trailer Hitch 
  4. Reverse Your Ram 1500 in a Straight Line 
  5. Position the Trailer Hitch Receiver Over the Ball Hitch 
  6. Lower the Trailer Receiver Onto the Ball Hitch 
  7. Secure the Trailer Safety Latch and Coupler 
  8. Hook Up the Trailer Safety Chains 
  9. Hook Up the Trailer Lights 
  10. Ensure Trailer Lights and Blinkers are Working 
  11. Remove Wheel Chocks 

Family Loading Cargo in Red 2020 Ram 1500 Connected to a Boat